Thai Foot Massage Training Day

A one day training course open to existing therapists with a body massage or reflexology (please check with your insurance company) and A&P qualifications.  Accredited with the Complementary Medicine Association.  7 CPD points.

Thai Foot Massage is similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine which carry the Qi or Chi energy. Thai Medicine energy lines known as Sen run through the body, with specific points ending at the feet. The obstruction of this energy flow is thought to be the cause of discomfort and illness. The techniques of the Massage, using stretching and a stick to stimulate the reflex points, are thought to stimulate and open these channels, leaving the client feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorate.

This Workshop aims to give the therapist the skills, knowledge and proficiency to practice Thai Foot Massage and add it to their complementary therapy treatment menu.

Each student will receive a foot reflex point chart and Thai Massage Stick to keep. The workshop will be divided between theoretical learning and practical application and, by the end of the day the student will have a firm understanding of Thai Foot Massage and be able to practice the treatment safely and effectively.

Course structure covers:

● What is Thai Foot Massage and How Does it Work?
● History of Thai Foot Massage
● Benefits
● Contraindications
● Foot Anatomy
● Consultation
● Massage Routine
● Treatment Reactions and Aftercare Advice

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£145 total cost
£40 non-refundable booking fee
Remainder to be paid by 2 weeks before the course.
Maximum 4 on course; often individual tuition.

Courses are normally held at my Clinic, just SW of Bristol,  or elsewhere subject to suffficient numbers.


Dates –

Dates are usually set with the student – please contact me for available dates.  The DIARY also shows options.