Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training Day

A one day training course open to existing therapists with a body massage and A&P qualifications.  Accredited with the Complementary Medicine Association.  7 CPD points.
MLD is a gentle technique that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system, removing congestion and stagnation.  Subtle manual moves activate lymph and manual moves activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation, as well as stimulate the functioning of the immune system and parasympathetic nervous system. Helps reduce oedema (systemically and locally), stimulate the immune system and helps regenerate tissue. 

The manual and training together cover :-

Anatomy of the Lymphatic System and Vascular system
History of MLD Indications & Contraindications
Drainage Massage Techniques
Routine – Full and Part Body   

Also Consider

Deep Tissue Techniques
Postural Assessment
Soft Tissue Release
Trigger Point Therapy


£140 total cost
£40 non-refundable booking fee
Remainder to be paid by 2 weeks before the course.
Maximum 4 on course; often individual tuition.

Courses are normally held at my Clinic, just SW of Bristol,  or elsewhere subject to suffficient numbers.


Dates –

Dates are usually set with the student – please contact me for available dates.  The DIARY also shows options.