KuNye - Tibetan Head, Hand & Foot Massage - Training Day

A one day training course open to existing therapists with a body massage or reflexology (please check with your insurance company) and A&P qualifications.  Accredited with the Complementary Medicine Association.  7 CPD points.

Tibetan Head, Hand and Foot Workshop It is based on Tibetan Ayurvedic principles and dates back over 5,000 years to the ancient Bon religion which pre-dates Buddhism. It is similar to Indian Ayurveda and Tibetans believe that individuals are composed of five elements – earth, wind, fire, ether and air and three humors (similar to the Indian doshas – vata, pitta and kapha) which are wind, bile and phlegm. Tibetans also believe the body is composed of five winds which are linked to five chakras. They claim wind is life sustaining and when the crown chakra is out of balance it has a knock-on effect on the other four causing imbalance in the body. Therefore the aim is to restore equilibrium and prevent ill health by slowing down the flow of wind.

Course Structure:

● History of Tibetan Massage
● Benefits of Tibetan Massage
● Contraindications to Massage
● Relevant Anatomy & Physiology
● Elements and Chakras
● How to perform the treatment
● Professional Ethics
● Hygiene

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£145 total cost
£40 non-refundable booking fee
Remainder to be paid by 2 weeks before the course.
Maximum 4 on course; often individual tuition.

Courses are normally held at my Clinic, just SW of Bristol,  or elsewhere subject to suffficient numbers.


Dates –

Dates are usually set with the student – please contact me for available dates.  The DIARY also shows options.