Ear Candling,Thermo-Auricular Therapy Training Day

A one day training course open to existing therapists with a body massage and A&P qualifications.  Accredited with the Complementary Medicine Association.  7 CPD points.

The age old remedy of ear candling is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears that may help to alleviate symptoms of discomfort of various conditions.

The treatment is relaxing and, when the candle is inserted in the ear, this induces a pleasant feeling of soothing warmth. A face massage further enhances the effects of the treatment. This workshop aims to give you the skills, knowledge and proficiency to practice Ear Candling safely and effectively, and add to your treatment menu.  All items required for the treatment will be provided.

This may also be open to Reflexologists or Beauty Therapists – please check with your Insurance Cover / Industry Professional Body.

Course structure covers:

  • What is Ear Candling and How Does it Work?
  • History of Ear Candling
  • Benefits of Ear Candling
  • Contraindications
  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • Ear Symptoms related to Candling
  • Explanation of treatment to Client and Aftercare Advice
  • Items required for Ear Candling
  • Instructions on how to Employ the Candle
  • Types and Composition of Ear Candles
  • Face Massage Routine
  • Consultation Form

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£125 total cost
£40 non-refundable booking fee
Remainder to be paid by 2 weeks before the course.
Maximum 4 on course; often individual tuition.

Courses are normally held at my Clinic, just SW of Bristol,  or elsewhere subject to suffficient numbers.


Dates –

Dates are usually set with the student – please contact me for available dates.  The DIARY also shows options.