Nina Dungey, Holistic Therapist
Privacy Notice

ICO notification number – Registration reference: A8339311
Business Address – 2 Woodmill, Yatton, Somerset BS49 4QG

Nina Dungey takes security and privacy seriously:
• I keep to a minimum the amount of information I hold about you.
• I use your data to respond to your enquiries about my services (the lawful basis for this is “Consent”) and to provide my services to you (the lawful basis for this is “Contract”).
• I delete your data when it is no longer needed.
• I apply appropriate security mechanisms to protect your personal data.
For the definition of terms used within this Privacy Notice refer to the ICO website or look at the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
Any questions you have about this Privacy Notice. Contact me via email on 

What personal data do I hold and why?
Your name, contact information and health history, provided by you, will be used primarily to ascertain and fulfil your treatment plan. It may be used to contact other health Practitioners or your GP or Consultant with your additional permission.
The website uses only standard fixed ‘cookies’.

Whom do I share it with?
Nina Dungey may work with appropriate professionals in the provision of therapy services.
Nina Dungey will provide you with details of who will be involved as part of the agreement with you regarding the provision of any of services. We will also discuss and agree on any specific security requirements you may have during the provision of services.
All other third parties I use – including those who provide email and storage solutions used in our day to day work – are selected for, and monitored on, how they meet the requirements of current UK data protection legislation and the requirements of GDPR.
Where this includes storage or processing of information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), we include checks to ensure that compliance with the appropriate frameworks for exchange of personal data (such as the EU-US Privacy Shield) is in place.
Exemptions to the above are where we are asked to provide information as a result of a court order or to recover monies due.
I do not share nor sell your personal data to anyone else.

How long do I store it for?
I will store your personal information for a maximum of seven years after your last communication with us.
If you wish to stop hearing from me prior to that time then email  
Financial transactions between us might include some personal data. I am required to keep this information for the current financial year plus an additional six years.

Whilst I store your information, I store it securely to prevent unauthorised use.

How to change information or contact us about anything concerning our use of your personal data
If there are any changes in your details that we need to reflect, you need to check the accuracy of the details that we hold about you, or if you have any other questions about this Privacy Notice, email 
Should you feel that you need to complain about how we are handling your personal data, email (or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on my website.)
Your ultimate point of contact for all data protection matters in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office. See the Contact us page on the ICO website.

What if this privacy notice changes?
If changes to this Privacy Notice include any significantly different use of your personal data, we will let you know and give you the option to agree to the new use.

This Website
The website includes cookies which collect and retain some information to enable you to return to the website more easily. The notice is shown on the website.
If you make comments on any posts, that information will remain indefinitely or until the blog is either removed, updated or you still have the right to ask that the comments be deleted.
If you send a request for information through the comments section, this will be sent direct to Nina Dungey who will answer via a standard email system, where it will be retained until no longer relevant.
If you ask to be added to the email list this is retained securely by a third party (currently MailChimp) and you will have the option to unsubscribe.


Last updated: May 2018.