Shamanic Healing

The core of shamanism is that everything is energy and healing is about rebalancing and restoring that energy.
We often feel not quite right, or ill, as if something is missing or our life isn’t working out as we want it to.
I will join with my spirit guides and other helpers, through getting in touch with other realms to help you restore that energy.
This may be a combination of journeying, guidance, using drums, rattles, feathers, smudging and other tools.
We will discuss how you are right now and what you would like to change – you may also be given messages and “homework”!
Often I receive message to give to you.


Clients chose for:-

Finding Purpose
Energy rebalance

Other Options

Reiki & Seichem healing – more relaxing, less interactive

Crystal Therapy – using crystals as the main healing tools.

Spiritual coaching & Development


90 mins / £60 – best for first appointment

60 mins / £45

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