Crystal Healing

Crystals all have a unique vibration due to their structure and therefore are used in vibrational healing.
Many people are drawn to crystals.  I use them in many different ways from both receiving training on a 2year diploma course and personal use in healing since then.
We will discuss what you want to achieve and crystals will be chosen to be laid on or near you in specific layouts and patterns to work in your energy field.
I have trained to use in Chakra Balancing, Allergy testing, Home Energy Clearance, Helping relationship energy cords, Energy re-alignment and meridian cleansing amongst others.
 Often use with guided visualisation and meditation. 

Clients chose for:-

Energy restoration

Home energy balance

Meridian Cleansing

Chakra Balancing

Other Options

Reiki & Seichem Healing – gentle but powerful

Shamanic Healing – ancient methods and tools


90 mins / £60 – ideal for first appointment

60 mins / £45

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