Energetic & Healing Therapies

I have learned about many forms of energy healing and often combine different elements.
I love being able to empower people and start them on their path and often combine many techniques and my life experience.

Check out the choices below, and click on more info for additional details.

I am happy to discuss with you before booking about the help you may need.

Bespoke Healing

The most popular choice – we decide together on what you would like to work towards.  I can then choose from the “tool box” on what I use for a combined approach.

Reiki & Seichem Healing

An ancient form of “hands-on” energy healing that many people are both experiencing and learning to help to themselves and others.  My hands are placed on or near you as you lie on the couch.

Shamanic Healing

The core of shamanic healing is using energy-techniques and altered states of consciousness to enable the restoration and balance of your energy.
Sometimes likened to stoneage psychotherapy!

Crystal Healing

Crystals can be utilised in many ways during a healing session and are placed on or near your body.  It is a form of vibrational energy healing.

Spiritual Development

I will be your guide, tutor and mentor to help you become more aware of and develop your spiritual practice and life.
Sessions can be face to face or via Skype.