Massage & Body Therapies

Many are bespoke, some follow a pre-determined routine.
Check out the choices below, and click on more info for additional details.

Not sure what to choose?  Or want healing as well?
I am happy to discuss with you before booking.

Therapeutic Massage

A bespoke body massage designed to rebalance and restore.
The most popular choice.

Sports Massage & Injuries

Holistic assessment and treatment of muscular/soft tissue and joint problems.  Aimed to restore function and mobility.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

Using pre-blended organic essential oils.  Long sweeping strokes to join mind, body and spirit.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Using massage and acupressure with no oil.  Originated for use in the workplace as you remain clothed and seated. Also great for help in mobilising backs.

Hot & Cold Stones Massage

The placement and use in massage of hot and cold volcanic rocks, jade and marble.

Ear Candling, Thermo-Auricular Therapy

The burning of specialist hollow cotton and beeswax blend candles in your ears.  Accompanied by a specialist facial massage to help drain the sinuses.

Foot Reflexology

A specialised massage for the whole foot, and on specific points on the feet.

Thai Foot Massage

A specialist foot massage incorporating Eastern techniques, massage cream and a wooden stick.  Including working on meridians of the lower leg.

Tibetan Head, Hand & Foot Massage - KuNye

A specialist massage using Eastern acupressure technique.  A tibetan bowl used for some sound therapy.  Working on your feet, hands, arms, head, scalp and face.

Colon Abdominal Massage

Massage specifically for the abdomen and lower back using oils.

Lymphatic Drainage

Slow strokes designed either as a whole body massage or used alongside treatment of a recent or chronic injury.