Sports Massage & Injuries

Treatment of soft tissue, muscles and joints aimed to restore function and mobility.  I have assisted clients with all sorts of problems with shoulders, necks, RSI, back, knees, tendonitis inflammation and more.  We look together at what may be causing the problem – posture, environment, habits, overuse.  And, what can be done to help including aftercare advice and stretches.  
Techniques include soft tissue release, deep tissue, stretching and lymphatic drainage. 
You will be referred to another health practitioner if it is out of my scope of expertise.  

Clients chose for:-

Posture analysis
Deep Tissue
Chronic injuries
Alongside training regimes
Pre & Post Events

Other Options

Others considered: –

Therapeutic Massage –
for maintenance

Aromatherapy Massage – lighter, more relaxing


90 mins / £60 full assessment & treatment
60 mins / £45 body or 2 plus problem areas
30 mins / £27 part body


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