Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Slow and spcialised movements to aid the return flow of the lymphatic system.
Designed as a whole body massage (very slow and relaxing) or used alongside treatment of an injury .
The lymphatic system is closely associated with the circulatory system (blood) and is very important to help balance the amount of fluids held in the soft tissues. 
When this flow is out of balance we get symptoms like swollen ankles, or puffiness at the site of an old injury.  These symptoms can also be due to other health issues so upon booking you will be asked some health questions to ascertain this is the right treatment for you. 

Clients chose for:-




Other Options

Others considered: –

Therapeutic Massage – holistic full body massage



90 mins / £55 –  body & face

60 mins  / £40 – body

30 mins / £25 – part body or injury specific


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Manual Lymphatic Drainage