I am here to help you on your path.  This may be through the combination of Massage and Healing Therapies and training.  

Want to restore positivity in your life?

Want Therapies to help restore the Balance of your Body, Mind and Spirit?

Want Training to assist you either as a Therapist or starting on your path?

And wonderfully sourced Products to help you in your life?

The Events page lists forthcoming training and workshops in calendar order.

I started training as a Complementary Therapist 23 years ago, and want to be able to help others through sharing my knowledge and experience.

You may be making your first tentative steps towards a more spiritual life.  You may already be a Therapist looking for support and information to help you continue on your path.

A key part of my life is to share my personal journey and experiences with both other Therapists and people commencing on their spiritual path. For many years I have been helping people, and hope to continue for many more years.

There are lots of tools and information that I can help you with.  Through formal training or through the concept of Dance Your Own Dance™ workshops and leading the life that you feel drawn to.  These can also be integrated through the use of Healing and Massage Therapies.

Some of you may already know Dance Your Own Dance through the the medium of dance, which was always the first concept of the whole aim to help restore your energies and help you on your path.  And although I can’t currently teach dance, the ethos of empowerment runs through everything I do for others.

  • Starting on your path? I can help you with individual therapies and group workshops to:
  • Enable you to feel better about your life
    Feel good and glad to be alive with purpose
    Restore balance between Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit
    Help with aches and pains both physically and spiritually
    Provide you with techniques to lead a more fulfilling life and practical “tools” to assist.
  •  Already made steps on your path? Looking for guidance, support and additional tools in your “tool box” then you may benefit from individual therapies or group workshops designed specifically with the Therapist in mind:
  • Add Value to the therapies you offer and be different
    Restore your own energies and network with other Therapists
    Gain valuable Continuous Professional Development points
    Certificated courses with On Line options
    Have some “me time” and reconnect to your body and spirit
    Obtain valuable experience and knowledge
    One to one mentoring
    On-line course facility to fit into your schedule
    Or, organise a course and you could get yours for free!
    Tools to assist available from the Products range.

Don’t leave your animals out as they can also benefit from healing.

MY MISSION – this time around, is just simply to help people start, and walk, on their path.

I look forward to being able to help you.

Nina Dungey
BSc, APNT Member, BCMA Reg

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